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Get 99 Woodcutting

Part ONE

Welcome to the woodcutting guide in which you will be shown the quickest and easiest method of getting you woodcutting level from 1 - 99.

In this guide you can expect to see the following things:
  • How much money you will make.
  • Maps and images so you know where to go.
  • Members AND Non-Members
All the prices and other statistics and get updated by the Price Bot, so everything is up to date and accurate.

Click on the links to jump to a certain part of the guide. runescape logs runescape logs

1 - 15 Normal Trees

lumbridge tree spot Chop: Logs
Using: Iron Hatchet

You should begin by chopping normal trees around Lumbridge using a Bronze/Iron Hatchet.

You will need to chop 97 logs to level 1 to level 15. You can sell these for: 18K GP.

runescape oak logs runescape oak logs

15 - 30 Oak Trees

draynor oak location Chop: Oak Logs
Using: Black Hatchet

Chop oak trees around Draynor Village which is close to a bank for storing logs.

You will need to chop 290 oak logs to raise your woodcutting level from 15 to level 30. You can sell these for: 29.20K GP.

runescape willow logs runescape willow logs

30 - 35 Willow Trees

draynor willow location Chop: Willow Logs
Using: Mithril Hatchet

You will then need to chop 125 willow logs to raise your woodcutting from level 30 to 35 which can be sold for 2,500 GP

runescape teak logs runescape teak logs

35 - 45 (Members - Teak Trees)

tai bwo wannai teak/maple location Chop: Teak Logs

Using: Adamant Hatchet

Members can now carry on with willows until level 45 or move onto Teak trees and cut 454 teak logs to raise your woodcut level from 35 - 45, these can be sold for 41.30K GP.

runescape maple logs runescape maple logs

45 - 50 (Members - Maple Trees)

seers village maple location Chop: Maple Logs
Using: Rune Hatchet

To raise your woodcutting to level 50, cut maple's outside the Seers Village bank, however this spot is very popular.

You will need to chop 394 maple logs to raise your woodcutting level to 50, these can be sold for 20.40K GP.

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Credits: Shadowdw, Jaloko, CodeMaster

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