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Get 99 Thieving

This guide will provide you with a step by step guide to getting your thieving level from 1 - 99.

- Locations

When thieving it is advised you get some equipment to help you along the way.

Gloves Of Silence - You need 54 hunting to be able to wear. They reduce your chance of getting caught thieving.

Magpie - You need 47 summoning. Magpie's boost your thieving level by +2.

Abyssal Lurker - You need 62 summoning. Abyssal Lurkers's boost your thieving and agility level by +4.

Bandit's Brew - Boosts your thieving level by +3 (but reduces other stats)

Sq'irk Juice - The three Sq'irk Juice's boost your thieving by +1 +2 and +3 respectively.

1 - 5 Man or Women

From level 1 - 5 you can pickpocket Men or Women.
You can find Men and Women all over RuneScape.
The map on the right is just one example of where you can find them.

5 - 20 Cake Stall

Once you get to level 5 go to Ardounge and steal cake from the stalls.

You could get attacked by the Guards.
They can't to that much damage and you cant avoid them by stealing from stalls they are not standing next to.

20 - 40 Silk Stalls

You can steal from Silk Stalls (in Ardounge).
If you are getting bored of thieving in this location you can also steal from H.A.M members near Lumbridge

40 - 70 Farmers or Guards

From level 40 - 55 you have a choice:

Master Farmer
You can pickpocket master farmers which are located in Draynor.
You can get some good seeds which can be worth quite a bit.

Varrock Guards
Varrock Guards are easy to pickpocket and they can sometimes give you Clue Scrolls

70 - 99 Paladins

Paladins are very good for making money while thieving.
You can make around 150k - 180k per hour thieving Paladins

Paladins can give you 80 coins and 2 Chaos Runes per steal.
It is suggested you bring some food when thieving as they can sometimes hit 5's.

- Skill Cape

Congratulations!! you have reached the level 99 thieving milestone!

Once you have mastered the skill and reached level 99 you may want to buy yourself a Thieving Cape from Martin Thwait in the Rogues' Den below Burthorpe pub.

Credits: CodeMaster, Icey

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