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Get 99 Strength

This guide will tell you how to get strength to 99. Each step is explained in detail.

In this guide you can expect to see the following things:
  • Maps to show training locations.
  • Different Places to train depending on your Strength level

Click on the links to jump to a certain section of the guide.


When training Strength you should use an Axe or Two Handed Sword. Use a aggressive attack style.

1 - 20 Giant Spiders

Giant Spiders - Stronghold of Security

security of stronghold map location

giant spiders Giant Spiders will automatically attack you, and they barley do any damage. So you can leave your character to continuously fight Giant Spiders while you go and do something else!

This type of training is called AFK (Away From Keyboard) training, because you don't even have to be at the computer to train!

20 - 40 Experiments

Experiments - Canifis
You need to complete the Creature Of Frankenstein quest to be able to access this area, the quest is very easy though.

Experiments have 100 hitpoints, but they cannot damage you at all. They are very weak in terms of attack. Usually there will be 3 - 4 other people fighting Experiments as well. Experiments are a popular way of training strength.

experiments map location killing experiments

40 - 60 Pest Control

Pest Control - Port Sarim

pest control map location Pest Control is the fun minigame reccomended for all players above level 45. Pest Control is a safe minigame, your items will be safe when you die.

While inside the Pest Control minigame you only get 50% XP. The XP from Pest Control comes from spending your Pest points at the end! pest control reward

60 - 65 Soul Wars

Soul Wars - Edgville

soul wars map location Soul Wars is commonly used to train because it isn't boring like most other methods of training Strength. As well as getting XP for fighting in the Mini Game you can also win Zeal Points that you can trade for Strength XP.

65 - 80 Monkey Guards

Monkey Guards - Ape Atoll
monkey guards map location runescape Monkey Guards are a similar training method to Giant Spiders. However Monkey Guards are much more powerful and they drop Large Monkey Bones. Which can be buried for prayer.

When fighting Monkey Guards you should always have protect from Melee on so they cannot damage you. When you prayer points get low you can recharge at the Monkey Altar nearby. Monkey guards will automatically attack you.

killing monkey guards praying monkey guard altar

80 - 99 Desert Bandits

Desert Bandits - Bandit Camp

runescape bandit camp map location Bandits are recommended for higher levels. I advise having protection prayer on at all times, however if you have good armour and high defence you may chose to do otherwise.

Bandits will automatically attack anybody wearing Saradomin or Zamorak clothing.
You can organise the Bandits into a line so you are only fighting one at a time (image below)

killing bandits desert bandits

runescape strength cape emote animation

Credits: CodeMaster

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