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Get 99 Smithing

This is a guide to getting 99 smithing as fast as possible without losing money (GP).

- Locations

If you are a non-member it is reccomended you use the furnace in alkahid.
If you are a member you should use the furnace in Port Phasmatys.
Members and non-members should use the anvril in Varrock.

1 - 15 Bronze Bars

Start by simply smelting bronze bars, don't smith them yet. You'll want to gain experience from smithing them later.

To make one Bronze bar you need one tin ore and one copper ore.

To get from level 1 to level 15 you will have to smelt 389 bronze bars.

Using this method you will make 25.60K GP from level 1 - 15.

15 - 30 Iron Bar

Sometimes you will fail at smelting Iron Ore into Iron bars, but Iron Ore is very cheap to buy so you wont loose too much money.

To get from level 15 to level 30 you will have to smelt and smith 293 iron bars.

Don't smith the Iron bars or you will loose too much money, just sell the bars.

30 - 85 Steel Bars

This section of the guide is quite long and boring, but you will slowly make money.

Make Steel Bars by smelting two Coal Ore with one Iron Ore.
Unlike smelting Iron bars this has a 100% success rate.

To get from level 30 to level 85 you will have to smelt 185,442 steel bars.

Using this method you will make 36.90M GP from level 30 - 85

85 - 99 Rune Bars

Now it is time to make Rune Bars.
To make one Rune Bar you need one Runite Ore and 8 Coal Ore.
Or you can use the Blast Furnace mini-game in Keldagrim and you only need 4 coal ore to make one Runite Bar.

Either way from level 85 - 99 you need to smelt 195,517 rune bars

Credits: CodeMaster, Skuttinen

Credits: CodeMaster, Skuttinen

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