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Get 99 Runecrafting

To do Runecrafting you must complete the Rune Mysteries Quest.
To start the quest speak to the Duke of Lumbridge, upstairs in Lumbridge Castle.

1 - 14 Air runes

To produce Air runes you will need a Air Tiara or Air Talisman and a full inventory of Rune Essence.

Take these items to the Air Altar (map on the right) and use your Talisman or Tiara on the "Mysterious Ruins".(Picture above)
You will be transported to the altar where you can craft runes.

To get from level 1 - 14 you will have to buy 422 Rune Essences, this will cost: 20.20K

14 - 44 Fire runes

Fire Runes can be crafted in the Alkahid Desert (map to right).
Using the same method as Air Runes but use a Fire Talisman or Fire Tiara.

To get from level 1 - 14 you will have to buy 7,649 Rune Essences, this will cost: 367.10K
However you can sell the Fire Runes you make giving you a overall cost of: -275.30K

Non-Members should carry on this method of crafting till level 99

44 - 99 Nature runes (Abyss)

To get access to the abyss you need to do the mini-quest with the Mage of Zamorak (map on right).
The abyss is a location where you have access to all the altars in Runescape at one place.

Is it recommended you get some Pouches so you can carry extra Rune Essence.

Go to Edgville, fill up with Rune Essence and go to the Mage of Zamorak who will send you to the abyss, use your Nature Tiara to get the the altar and craft your runes.
Then use a Amulet of Glory to teleport back to Edgeville. Repeat this process.

From level 44 - 99 you will need to buy 1442,087 Rune Essence which will cost: NA.
But, you will turn the Essence into Nature runes, you can sell Nature Runes as you make them (so you dont run out of cash).

Selling 1442,087 Nature Runes will give you a MASSIVE profit of: 98M

44 - 99 Nature runes (Ghraak Running)

Ghraak Running is a method to craft Nature Runes which is faster than than using the Abyss.

To Ghraak run you must have 57+ Summoning.
You summon a Ghraak and use its teleport option to get the the Ghraak hunting ground, which is close to the nature altar (map below).

Once you get to the Nature Altar and craft your runes you teleport to a bank then repeat.

(The cheapest and fastest teleport is Ring of deulling)

Level 99

Congradulations on Level 99 RuneCrafting, you can get your skill cape from Aubury (Varrock Rune Shop) for 99k.

Credits: nepternic, CodeMaster

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