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Get 99 Ranged

Welcome to my 1 - 99 Ranged Guide.
This guide is for Members and Non-members.
It will go through 99 step by step showing how much of each monster you need to kill to get to the next level.

1 - 5 Chickens

Kill: Chickens
Using: Shortbow

Go to the varrock ranged shop and buy yourself 1 of each bow in stock.
For faster leveling I suggest you buy shortbows as they are more powerful.

Start off with chickens. These are located in Lumbridge. Chickens are 12 xp each and you will need to kill 33 Chickens to get to level 5.

5 - 20 Cows

Kill: Cows
Using: Oak Shortbow

Now you can use an oak shortbow that you bought earlier to kill cows.

You need to kill 128 cows which are 32 xp each to get to level 20 ranged.

I suggest you also pick up the cow hides to pay for the arrows but this is optional.

20 - 40 Barbarians and Rockcrabs

Non members:

Kill: Barbarians
Using: Willow Shortbow

Now you can use a willow shortbow.
Now head to barbarian village, use the map to the side.
Head into the longhall in barbarian village.

Use the tables to your advantage and range over them to kill the barbarians.
You will need to kill 585 level 8 Barbarians to get to level 40 ranged.
At level 30 ranged you might want to switch to a Maple Shortbow


Kill: Rock Crabs
Using: Willow Shortbow
This is where members start to level faster.
Head over to rock crabs which is located in Rellekka, above seers village.(Use the map below)

You will need to kill only 164 Rock Crabs which are a massive 200 xp each.
It is suggested that you bring basic food such as trout when killing rock crabs at this ranged level.

40 - 60 Hill Giants and Rock Crabs

Non members:

Kill: Hill Giants
Using: Green Dragon Hide Set and Maple Shortbow
Now that you can wear Green Dragonhide Set ranged armour you will have a good range attack bonus.

Head over to hill giants which are located just west of varrock in a small building, you need a Brass Key to get through the door. Buy one at the Grand Exchange.
Once your in the building head down the ladder and now you will be at hill giants.

You will need to kill 1690 hill giants to get to level 60.
Use safe spots so the Hill Giants can't hit you and you will be able to train for longer.


Kill: Rock Crabs
Using: Blue Dragonhide Set and Magic Shortbow

Stay at rock crabs from level 40 - 60 as these are still great experience for your level. You will need to kill 1183 rock crabs to get to level 60 ranged.

At level 50 ranged stop of at the Grand Exchange and buy yourself Blue Dragonhide Set and a Magic Shortbow

60 - 70 Moss Giants and Fire Giants

Non members:

Kill: Moss Giants
Using: Maple Shortbow
Now you will be killing Moss giants located in varrock sewers.
You will need to kill 1933 Moss Giants to get to level 70.


Kill: Fire Giants
Using: Magic Shortbow or Iron Knives
Fire giants are located North of the town called Ardougne.
You need to complete the waterfall quest to get into the cave but the quest itself is pretty easy.

Once your in the cave there are two fire giant spots to choose from. There's a larger room with a lot of fire giants or there's a room with 3. The room with 3 fire giants has the best ranging spots.

You will need to kill 1065 Fire Giants to get level 70 ranged.
It is suggested you use a fast weapon like Iron Knives to level faster.

70 - 99 Lesser Demons and Ape Atol Skeletons

Non members:

Kill: Lesser Deamons
Using: Maple Shortbow
You are going to move onto Lesser demons in Karamja Volcano Dungeon. You will need to kill 38,914 Lesser Demons to get to level 99 ranged.


Kill: Monkey Skeletons
Using: Chinchompas

You can now wield black dragonhide armour, karils (which degrades) and armadyl which is very expensive.

You will need to have done the quest Monkey Madness and have access to Ape Atol. Go to the Grand Exchange and buy a lot of red chinchompa's 5k+ also buy 20+ prayer potions.
Go to Ape Atol now and go down the bambo ladder before the city where all the Zombie Monkeys are.

Put on protect from melee and follow the tunnel until you find some level 140 skeletons. Walk around a bit and get a lot attacking you then get your back to a wall. Now turn on auto-retaliate and drink a dose of prayer potion every time you need to.

After about 30 minutes the skeletons will no longer be aggressive so exit the tunnels and then go back in and start over. I am unsure of how many of these you need to kill to level 99 but I know that these can be about 170k - 250k experience per hour. To get this you should be using 1k Chinchompa's every 30 - 40 minutes.

Credits: CodeMaster, Jaloko

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