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Get 99 Mining

This Mining Guide will take you through the fastest possible method to get 99 mining.
You can view our Mining Skill Calculator aswell!

In this guide you can expect to see the following things:
  • The fastest ways to level mining.
  • How much money you will make using different methods of levelling.
  • Images and maps to make everything easy to understand.
All the prices and other statistics and get updated by the Price Bot, so everything is up to date and accurate.

Click on the links to jump to a certain section of the guide. runescape tin ore image runescape tin ore image

1 - 20 Tin Ore

Tin Ore - Varrock South Mine

runescape varrock south mine location When mining Power Mining tin ore you should always drop the ore as you mine it.
This saves you time travelling to the bank, and you level up faster.

Other Places you can find Tin Ore:
  Dwarven Mine
  Edgeville Dungeon Mine
  Barbarian Village
From - To Level: Required Level: Ore: Number: Profit from selling ores:
From Level: 1
To Level: 20
Tin ore
59 GP
248 14.60K GP
14,652 GP

runescape iron ore image runescape iron ore image

20 - 60 Iron Ore

Iron Ore - Al Kahid Mine

runescape alkahid mine location Mine the ore as you drop it, this will save you time travelling to the bank. And make you level faster.
This method is called Power Mining.

Other Places you can find Iron Ore:
  Rimmington Mine
  Varrock South Mine
  Falador Dwarf Mine
From - To Level: Required Level: Ore: Number: Profit from selling ores:
From Level: 20
To Level: 60
Iron ore
213 GP
7,693 1,638.70K GP
1,638,712 GP
runescape coal ore image runescape coal ore image

The Mining Guild

Level 60!

runescape mining guild map location You can now enter the mining guild!

Now you should be able to enter the mining guild, in the mining guild there are 37 Coal rocks and 5 Mithril rocks. All packed up into one small space! It usually has 3 to 5 people on non-members worlds.

Once you are at level 60 you now have a choice, you can either carry on power mining, or you can stop for a bit and make some GP in the Mining Guild.

runescape mining guild

runescape granite image runescape granite image

20 - 60 Granite Ore

Granite Ore - The Quarry

runescape quarry granite mine location When mining Granite you will need waterskins or you will loose HP due to damage by the burning desert heat.
Most people will drop granite as they mine it, this means you can mine faster because you do not need to travel to the bank.
Power mining granite is one of the fastest ways to gain XP in the game.

When mining granite you randomly get three different types of granite from the same ore.
500g, 2kg and 5kg.
Each type of granite gives a differnet amount of XP; because of this it is hard to make a accurate prediction on how many you have to mine.

From - To Level: Required Level: Ore: Number: Profit from selling ores:
From Level: 60
To Level: 99
Granite (2kg)
207 GP
212,678 44M GP
44,024,377 GP

runescape iron ore image runescape iron ore image

Runite Mining

Runite Ore - The Wilderness

Mining Runite Ore isn't as easy as it sounds. Usually there are around 90 - 130 people mining Runite Ore at the same time.

When mining Ruite Ore you will have to 'world hop' which means switch worlds untill you find a world that has runite ore in it.
It can take Runite Ore up to 12 minutes to respawn.

When you reach level 99 mining get your mining skill cape from the dwarf outside the mining guild.
mining skill cape emote

Credits: CodeMaster

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