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Get 99 Hunting

Part ONE

This guide was designed to help you level hunting as fast as possible.

In this guide you can expect to see the following things:
  • Maps to hunting locations
  • How much money you will make
  • Easy to understand guide
All the prices and other statistics and get updated by the Price Bot, so everything is up to date and accurate.

Click on the links to jump to a certain section of the guide. runescape red feather runescape red feather

1- 29 Crimson Swifts

Crimson Swifts - Feldip Hills

runescape feldip hills map location Hunting is hardest to level at the start, stick with something easy and have patience, soon you will be gaining massive amount of XP!


To get to level 29 you will need to catch 354 Crimson Swifts.

Drops you get from level 1 - 29

runescape small fishing net runescape small fishing net

29 - 47 Swamp Lizards

Swamp Lizards - Morytania

runescape swamp lizard map location Swamp Lizards are very easy to catch, use the map to find where to catch them. It wont take you long to get to level 47.
You will have to use ropes on small trees to make a trap that will catch the lizards.


To get to level 47 you will need to catch 416 Swamp Lizards.

Drops you get from level 29 - 47

Altogether you have made NA GP getting to level 47 hunting.

runescape rope runescape rope

47 - 59 Orange Salamanders

Orange Salamanders - River Elid

runescape orange salamander hunting location map After a while of catching Swamp Lizards you will notice leveling has become slow, Orange Salamanders are a balance of XP and speed.

You hunt Orange Salamanders by using your rope on a small tree at the hunting location, you will need water or you will be damaged by the desert heat.

Use the map to find the hunting location of Orange Salamanders.


To get to level 59 you will need to catch 722 Orange Salamanders.

Drops you get from level 47 - 59

Altogether you have made NA getting to level 59 hunting.

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Credits: nepternic, CodeMaster

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