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Get 99 Attack

Members and Non-Members Attack guide.

1 - 10 Chickens

Chickens - Lumbridge Farm
Using: Bronze Scimitar

It is suggested you pick up and save the feathers that the chickens drop.

10 - 30 Cows

Cows - Lumbridge Farm
Using: Black Scimitar

Cows drop Cow Hide which can be sold for 326 GP each
You will make a lot of money if you bank and sell all the Cow Hides.

When at level 20 switch to a: Mithril Scimitar

30 - 45 Guards/Experiments

Non Members

Guards - Varrock
Using: Adamant Scimitar

In the entrance of Varrock Palace there are a large number of guards. Guards are scattered across RuneScape and are easily found.


Experiments - Canifis
Using: Adamant Scimitar

Experiments can only be accessed by completing the Creature of Frankenstein quest (really easy).
Experiments have 1000 hitpoints and are very very weak so you will not need to bring too much food to re-heal.

45 - 60 Coakroaches

Cockroaches - Stronghold of Security (Map above)
Cockroach Drone & Cockroach Soldier & Cockroach Worker
Using: Runite Scimitar

Cockroaches can do damage overtime so food is necessary.
They drop Herbs and Mith armour.

60 - 80 Giant Spiders

Giant Spiders - Stronghold of Security
Using: Runite Scimitar or Whip (Members)

Giant Spiders will automatically attack your character. So you can leave your character training while you do something else.
This type of training is called AFK (Away From Keyboard) training, because you don't even have to be at the computer to train!

Eventually the Giant Spiders will stop attacking you, when this happens leave the room and walk into the room beside.
The Giant Spiders in that room will attack you automatically.

Non members should use this method till Level 99

80 - 99 Monkey Guards (Members)

Monkey Guards - Ape Atoll
Using: Whip (Members)

Monkey Guards can only be accessed by atleast starting the Monkey Madness quest.
(If you do not want to start Monkey Madness see the next section, Bandits)

When training on Monkey Guards you do not need to spend any money on Food.
You use the Protect from Meele prayer and recharge your prayer points using the altar in the same room as the Monkey Guards.

Monkey Guards drop Large Monkey Bones which can be sold or buried for Prayer XP.

80 - 99 Bandits (Members)

Desert Bandits - Bandit Camp

runescape bandit camp map location Bandits are recommended for higher levels. I advise having protection prayer on at all times, however if you have good armour and high defence you may chose to do otherwise.

Bandits will automatically attack anybody wearing Saradomin or Zamorak clothing.
This means you can train your Character without constantly clicking (except when you want to eat)
You can organise the Bandits into a line so you are only fighting one at a time (image below)

It is suggested your bring a large amount of food in noted form, and some GP. That way you can sell the noted food to the General store and buy it back in normal form. However you will loose a small amount of GP every time you do this.

Credits: CodeMaster, Shaungg

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